You are lucky if you get involved in an accident and walk away safely. However, no matter how safe you may think you are, there may be some internal injuries and your car may need some repairs.

In such cases, it’s foolish walking away without taking any photographs or getting witness information. These are the most important information your car accident lawyer in LA will need to help fight your case for you, and claim the required compensation for your entire medical and repair bills.

1. Call the police

So it’s not walking away you have to do, but remain calm and call the police immediately, especially if someone’s hurt. If possible, move your vehicle out of traffic and switch on the hazard lights.

2. Snap pictures

Take pictures of all involved vehicles, the collision spot and anything relevant that will help with your claim. Don’t forget to collect information from involved parties like phone number, name, address, license plate and their license and insurance information.

3. Collect vital information

Also collect witness information like their names, phone numbers, and addresses. Speak to them if possible and be clear about the accident details, especially about who is at fault. Once all the information is gathered, you need to focus on securing your vehicle and get an estimation for repair costs. Don’t forget to remove anything valuable from the care before leaving it for an inspection.

4. Visit a medical professional

No matter how minor your injury may be, immediately visit a medical professional as there may be some internal injury which only worsens with time. Keep a copy of all medical documents as they are important later on and take pictures of any injuries you or your passengers had sustained in the accident.
5. Contact your accident lawyer 

You’ll also have to call your car accident lawyer for your legal representation. Wendy williams lawyer says,”Though you may think you can manage things on your own, there’s always the risk of the other party trying to convince you to get into a quick settlement or your insurance company trying to settle matters by paying minimal compensation. Your lawyer knows the laws and how to handle the case and will fight your case to your benefit”.

6. Contact your insurance company
Once all this is taken care of, it’s time to file an accident report and collect it when ready. This is when you contact your insurance company and provide all the accident details to file a claim. And of course, if you are injured or can’t work for some time, you have to inform your employer about your situation says,patrick kennedy lawyer. Your lawyer will also try to recover your lost wages if you can’t work because of the accident.
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