It’s the most important question you will ever ask. Of course, you want to make it unique and memorable. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


Without a doubt, you want the moment to be captured digitally for posterity. To make it happen, take your partner to one of your favorite tourist destinations, perhaps a boardwalk or old-time town where photo booths are available. Once you get into the booth, pop the question, making sure the camera is rolling when your dreams come true. For an added surprise, invite friends or family members to be waiting outside to congratulate you.


Are you a musician or a writer? If you always have a song or poem in your heart, let your gifts shine on this, the most important moment of your life. Tell your partner that you need their help critiquing a new piece that you have written. Before long, they will realize that you are doing much more than getting feedback. For extra effect, you could perform it on one knee – and be sure to have the champagne or sparkling grape juice ready for the celebration.


Do the two of you love to participate in physical fitness and sports together? Consider going on a rock climbing adventure, either at an indoor venue or on a real mountain. When you get to the top, gaze out over the beautiful view for a moment, and then tell your honey that you want to spend the rest of your life together. If rock climbing isn’t your thing, you can always go on a run with a beautiful park as your destination, or ride your mountain bikes to one of your favorite spots for a picnic and then the all-important question.


There is nothing like getting off the ground to create some magic. Plan a trip that involves flying somewhere fun or exotic, and incorporate your proposal into your flight. For extra fun, let the flight attendants know that you plan to be popping the question so that they can share this joyous event with all of the passengers. Basking in everyone’s congratulations will be part of the fun! Another idea is to take a ride in a hot air balloon together and propose while you are gliding soundlessly over beautiful scenery.


Is your sweetie a lover of games and puzzles? Stimulate their brain and their love of fun at the same time by gifting them with a custom-made jigsaw puzzle. Once your significant other succeeds at assembling all of the small pieces, they will see photos of your time together as well as that all-important question.


You can make this happen at a small local fair or one of the big amusement parks. Ride the Ferris wheel with your honey, and ask the big question at the precise moment you get to the top. Just be sure you hold the ring tightly, and wait to eat that gooey cotton candy until afterward.

The few minutes you spend asking for your love’s hand in marriage may be fleeting, but neither of you will ever forget them. Make sure to hire a proposal photographer to capture your engagement so that you can have a lasting reminder of this important life event. You have an infinity of ways to make the event special and unique. Most important of all, enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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One of the most unfortunate things in life is losing a loved one. Unfortunately, death is a journey that we all have to go through. The living has the responsibility to carry out the burial or memorial service of the decedents. Cremation is one of the best substitutes for the traditional burial. You may consider cremation San Bernardino service for satisfaction guarantee and value for money services. Let’s take a look at the cremation process. 

Cremation is a process that reduces the dead human body into bone fragments and ashes. Cremated remains are pulverized dried bone fragments. The device that is used to pulverize the cremated remains is called an electrical cremated remains processor. This process converts the bone into superfine particles with sand-like texture that can easily be scattered. 

Cremation is carried out in crematorium with at least one cremator furnace and equipment to handle ashes. After cremation, the ashes are gathered and placed in cremation urns. Cremation may be part of a chapel, funeral home, or even one of the independent facilities performed by a cemetery. A cremator is a furnace which may reach temperatures of approximately 870-980 degrees Celsius. It’s specially modified to offer proper disintegration of the body. 

A cremator utilizes different fuel sources such as propane and natural gas. Modern cremators have a control system that helps one to examine the ongoing cremation process inside the furnace. The operator may also regulate the furnace to ensure proper burning and minimal environmental pollution. 

Cremation process varies from one nation to another. For example, in the US, it’s prohibited to cremate over one body at a time. Instead, the body is put in a chamber called retort which is coated with refractory bricks that helps to retain the heat. These bricks are replaced once every five years as a result of expansion and contraction. Cremation urns refer to devices that are used to store the remains and are taken by the family of the decedent. 

With modern technological advancement, modern cremators are computerized with interlocks and safety devices. For example, the door doesn’t open until the cremator reaches the right temperature. The coffin is inserted almost instantly into the retort to ensure that there no loss of heat from the open door. A motorized trolley may be used to place the coffin for quick insertion. The cost often varies from one nation to another. However, it’s usually lower than that of a traditional burial ceremony. Cremation San Bernardino is there to guarantee you best cremation services at the fairest price.… Read the rest