Reasons Why You Might Want to Get a Tax Law Specialist

Tax returns, forms, and your taxation must be accurate and without having any errors as these can lead to additional charges like interest, added taxes, and some penalties. Your tax records especially if you have your business must be clear enough like the book records to avoid an audit coming from IRS. These are the reasons why you might want to get a tax law specialist to handle your tax issues.

Income Tax Return Filing

Tax law specialists have enough knowledge about obligations, contracts, and tax laws. They can guide you in your taxation especially if you are a start-up business. All existing businesses need to be careful and manage accurately from the very start of their business to avoid any tax audits or penalties from IRS. When you will hire a tax specialist, you will not find it hard to understand and consume more time in knowing all taxation laws as you will have a lawyer who will explain those terms in a precise and simple way.

Audit Representation

When you will receive notice about the tax problems from IRS, you will need an audit defense or tax audit representation. You will need legal representation when you are being audited by them. A tax specialist can negotiate and manage a settlement with the IRS.

Handle Liens and Levies Garnishments IRS Notice

When you will receive a notice on liens and levies garnishments from IRS, you are given 30 days to work out, respond, and protect your assets. If you have a tax law specialist, he can start immediately by working out a resolution together with the IRS to help you from wage garnishments and tax levies. You need immediate action against liens and levies to protect your business.

Owe Back Tax Money

A tax law specialist can suggest you of having the options for the offer and plan in IRS compromise when you owe back some tax money. He will help you in dealing with back taxes by planning and working out a plan on how to settle with IRS, remove penalties, end levies, file delinquent tax returns, and settle taxes.

Working with a tax law specialist is important for you to save time and money. San Diego tax lawyer like the Dallo Law Group is a tax law firm that concentrates on tax problem resolution. This law firm is dedicated to solving your tax problems and they help individuals and businesses in resolving tax disputes.